Reevaluating Your Organization’s IT Security in the Wake of This Work-From-Home Migration
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If 2020 has reaffirmed one thing for businesses, it is that adaptation is the key to survival. Adjustments were made swiftly, employees have been asked to be flexible, and IT solutions have been expanded and overhauled to support a nearly 100% virtual workforce. It is probably safe to say that your work environment looks much different today than it did at the end of 2019. In most cases, security should be at the forefront of your current discussions. The historical decisions you made to secure your company, your team, and your secret sauce from the myriad of cyber threats out there may no longer be enough in this “new normal."

Regardless of any adjustments you made in consideration of the new security landscape, evidence suggests the bad actors out there have certainly upped their game. In the same ways your team is further enabled by the advantages of remote access, virtual technologies, the cloud, and more advanced hardware, so too are the criminals.

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